How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Shoes

4 Tips to saying ‘I Do’ to your shoes

Are you a bride to be, or a fashionista in search of The Perfect Shoe for a special event? This how-to post is just for you, whether you are a planner to the stars or a live-in-the-moment kind of vibe. This helped us on our journey, and we hope it does the same for you!

Find your inspiration – Whether it is browsing through Pinterest, sketching at home, a Disney movie, creating a mood board, inspiration is all around us, waiting to be found! If your wedding shoe is an important part to your wedding day, then this will feel more personal to you, and that makes it a special part of the process.  Reflecting your style is an important part of this special day! I would encourage you to dream big and find lots of examples, colors, textures, styles that resonate with you and why. If you envision walking barefoot, then you are one step ahead of us, and you’ve found your vibe! (Mani pedi, anyone?!) It is all about finding what is true to you and your vision for your special day.  

Be flexible – Probably the two least favorite words for any bride to be. I get it. Remember, this is one piece of the larger puzzle. Tough love moment: If you don’t find the exact shoe envisioned in your mind, it WILL work out. Just as love will find a way, so will the shoes.  If your dream shoe is taking a while to appear, invest in a backup (and check the return terms). Backup plans can take some of the stress off, and bonus, you might end up wearing it to the rehearsal dinner or another event (or even finding it is meant to be The Shoe for your special day). We spent 6 months waiting to find the perfect shoe! NOT that is will take you that long, we hope 6 days! For more on our journey, you can read more here. Right now, this is all about YOU!  

Be realistic – As a fellow dreamer, these are words I don’t even like to type! It sounds so…uninspiring! Defeated! Cumbersome! What might resonate more is if we said Plan Ahead. Whether you are wedding planning during a pandemic or not, taking the initiative to find this piece of your wardrobe sooner rather than later can shake off one extra worry or cross off part of your to-do list. If you are searching online, give yourself extra time for returns and grace if you aren’t loving it as much as you thought you would in person. Be realistic about your budget and what you can afford. But don’t compromise on quality (unless you truly never plan to wear them again-and even so, bring bandaids!) 

What does planning ahead look like for you? Figure out a timeframe that you feel comfortable with, and honor that. If you are wearing more than one pair for your day, how can you plan for shipping, returns, and your budget along the way? Taking a moment for the Shoe Vision to align with your budget and timeline, and the other factors you have in mind, will go a long way. 

Define your Non-Negotiables* – What are the characteristics that you absolutely must have in your shoe? Do they need to be emerald green? Hombre pink? Wedges locally sourced? As comfy as your bedroom slippers? Under $50? Define what that looks like to you, and you can save time and energy on your search-and have more time to enjoy your big day ahead. 

If you do find yourself getting frustrated or defeated, remember – the main goal of finding the wedding shoes is to be able to wear something down the aisle when you get married, show your personality, and complement your look. 

 It is oh so easy to get caught up in the details (believe me, we did!) but if you stay grounded on the main goal <to get married, protect your feet down the aisle, showcase your personality at the wedding> you’ve got this. 

We hope you enjoy, delight and savor in these moments as you plan your wedding! It’s the tiny moments that add to the sparkle on your wedding journey. 

Did you find your perfect shoe? We’d love to send you some hearts. Tag us on insta!

XO Fashion Stoppe

*Credit goes to our sister for sharing this wisdom with us – we love the technical term! 🙂 

Featured Image from Melissa Vossler Photography

Shoe, dazzle, I do

My shoespiration was nothing less sparkly than the original Cinderella Shoe by Jimmy Choo. Since this Cinderella is on a budget, we found the next best thing-which turned into the perfect pair for me. After searching online far and wide from eBay to Revolve, Amazon to every shoe store possible, as the wedding approached, these shoes danced into my newsfeed (thanks, targeted ads!). Discovering the sparkly heel, elegant style, dash of purple – my fave color – and that they were available in my size, were true signs they were meant to be. Keep reading to see the shoes waiting to accompany us down the aisle.

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As a current extrovert / someone who is inspired being in new environments / low key people watcher, we prefer to be out and about more days than not. Given the current climate [aka global pandemic] it has been critically important to stay home, limit social engagements and practice thoughtful social distancing. How is one to cope?

From one fashionista to another, whether you are an evening Reddit user or social butterfly to the stars, we wanted to share a few things to encourage our extroverted, introverted, bbs out there working it day by day!

Here are 3 strategies that help us, and we hope they can inspire you! Read on below:

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Rainy Days and Views

As I get cozy at one of our fave local places to dream, write, create and connect, coffee fills my bones while rain dusts off the city this fall Sunday morning. A calm energy floats through the air, with a focused mood from others working, and families with no agenda gather to enjoy the day together.

A lot has happened since the fashion show and what.a.ride it has been. In a recent conversation with someone amazing, I shared how I felt stuck and depressed. Among other things, she shared I take a look at the 30,000 foot view of e v e r ything that has happened this year. <listen more on this and why we should note the celebrations on this fab podcast here> That prompted a fun visual. She suggested I post it, which of course I took literally and fashion fam, you are welcome. I’d love to share with you this view if you’d like to experience this multicolor lens with me. Continue reading

why we do what we do

have you ever thought about what motivates your soul? why do we get up in the morning? what keeps us up at night?

sleep is something i can never seem to snag enough of. but such is so much about life. time with friends, time to dream, (sleeping or awake), time to explore the unknown. God gives us so many moments and we can decide how to use them. *scrolls facebook sheepishly* so many tutorials, so little time! lolz! <tangent-my recent fave was Lucie Fink’s interview with Anna Akana, if you are in need of some creative vlogging inspo>

here is one thing I am working on currently. how to continue stepping into moments while trusting God at the same time. here is what i mean by that. i used to separate good/bad events from sharing my feelings with God. well, it was easier during the ‘good’ feelings to stay connected. such as positivity, happiness, thankfulness, joy, delight. but i would create so much distance between me and God when  I felt negative or ‘wrong’ feelings, such as disconnect, melancholy, anger, stuck, depression. and then some feelings i get stuck altogether in limbo, anxiety, frustration, it’s something i even do with people, I have learned. the question i have been asking myself is, am i willing to feel what I’m feeling w h i l e staying connected to the holy spirit at the same time, and at the same time, God. what happens when i connect instead of distance those two?  and dipping my boot into that is delightful and splashy like an ocean’s first kiss. salty, refreshing, restoring and real. it makes you wonder why you would stay dry on the sand in the first place.

i also worry no one will understand me. we are created to know and be known. of course Satan would want to create that divide and fake fear. when I express that, God has given me lots of confirmation through people that i am understandable. or people ask great clarifying questions and are patience to talk through something with me. the willingness to learn is as important as automatically being understood, different hues delight the soul.

has this every happened to you? i’d love to hear about it. until next time, thanks for stopping by, fashionistas!

xoxo FS

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