Is Christian Dior’s Fashion Dictionary Still Relevant Today?

Fashion from A-Z: Our thoughts on Christian Dior’s The Little Dictionary of Fashion, Part 1!

Originally published in 1954, we are exploring Christian Dior’s The Little Dictionary of Fashion. This A-Z fashion guide is just what this season calls for. This dictionary includes several words for each letter packed with style secrets and tips. Of course this series won’t include every word, but I will be sharing what stands out most, and what is relevant to you, fashionistas, throughout this series, plus daily updates on our Instagram stories. Get ready to be style inspired, enjoy Dior quoteables, and gain insight regarding fashion rules’ relevancy today!

To begin our fashion dictionary review, we will start with Christian Dior’s definition of ‘accent’.

Accent…with your personal feeling, no one can do it better than you,” loving this vibe from Christian Dior’s dictionary. I was drawn to this right away. I love how it encourages your o w n style and to own it! Style comes from passion and is reflected from the inside out, so we can reflect how we feel and be connected to our mood, and share what we want our mood to portray (pre coffee and post coffee are very different styles!). My personal style doesn’t include a lot of accents, but I love the occasional glam piece! There are so many ways to add your own twist, whether it is a different nail color or glam statement necklace. What are you loving lately? Here are some examples of accents that inspire me:

‘Accent’…with your personal feeling, no one can do it better than you,” – Christian Dior, The Little Dictionary of Fashion

throwback shoot with one of our faves, @duelux photography! always chasing those magic hour moments.
tulle + spikey black shoes = total vibes rn

“The accent must always have the touch of your personality”  

-Christian Dior, The Little Dictionary of Fashion
a real life mood board from some looks that inspire us 🙂

For whatever accent you choose, go for what feels right for you, whether you are flaunting it around town, or from room to room at home. We’d love to see some of your fave accent pieces, tag us and we’ll share!

Until next time, fashionistas!

XO Fashion Stoppe

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