Rainy Days and Views

As I get cozy at one of our fave local places to dream, write, create and connect, coffee fills my bones while rain dusts off the city this fall Sunday morning. A calm energy floats through the air, with a focused mood from others working, and families with no agenda gather to enjoy the day together.

A lot has happened since the fashion show and what.a.ride it has been. In a recent conversation with someone amazing, I shared how I felt stuck and depressed. Among other things, she shared I take a look at the 30,000 foot view of e v e r ything that has happened this year. <listen more on this and why we should note the celebrations on this fab podcast here> That prompted a fun visual. She suggested I post it, which of course I took literally and fashion fam, you are welcome. I’d love to share with you this view if you’d like to experience this multicolor lens with me.

2019 30k feet to date

J A N U A R Y:

The best meetcute occurs in this very location. <3

The first Meetup for Creatives occurs!

I start going consistently back to church to dig into things. I keep trying to be honest with God with my feelings. Visit a community group from Vintage.

F E B R U A R Y 

I move into my own apartment and, yes, it is adorable and pink! Is there any other way!

My little brother gets engaged! (I wonder, is it weird I am the oldest and my youngest brother who is 24 is getting married? More to unpack but main point is this is amazing for them. In a way I feel like I have freedom for that to happen to me one day since my siblings are in good places, and how cool would it be if we all found our person not too far from each other)

A heavy family situation occurs. It’s ok to go to counseling people!!

I successfully deal with a conflict (unrelated to above) and share how I feel. !

The venue date is BOOKED for the Fashion Show. Yes, it is happening one way or the other! Even if Trish and I have to use our own wardrobes, it.is.happening! (spoiler alert-we don’t use our closets)


Quick Asheville trip <3

A P R I L 

Laringitis etc (which starts me rewatching the ENTIRE Kardashian series so, pro/con for sure)

A dear friend gets married <3

Officially begin a relationship and stop letting fear get in the way <3


DC Trip for work – get to catch up with Medha


I close an amazing account at work

A dear friend moves away 🙁


Jen gets married!!! <3 Get to see family, spend time with Sam, experience the day and journey with two souls who are #writteninthestars for each other. So happy you are a part of our family, John! Totally get a crash course in wedding planning this year. Worry too much about potential family drama that is in the end kept to a minimum.

J U L Y 

Crunch time sets in for the show.

A U G U S T 

Lose our minds fashion show planning

Have an unexpectedly great sales month at work

LAYERS Fashion Show 8.31.19 <3


Post show depression is r e a l as well as this migraine that would.not leave



Make pocket squares and start designing !

Book tickets for MEXICO w ba

and it’s not even Halloween yet! 🙂

RECAP: The Celebrations! Move into my own apartment, fall in love, experience my sister’s wedding, girls trip to Portland, produce a fashion show, and so much more.

RECAP: The challenges: Family division, depression, feeling stuck despite movement, feeling disconnected, learning my stress behaviors and realizing my self care needs some serious work.

It’s been an ongoing challenge for me to stay motivated when I 1) feel stuck 2) give too much energy away where it is not reinvested back and 3) experience disconnection. I can still celebrate the wins, joys and beautiful life moments, and get comfortable with me. It’s even more full with the loss and pain for some reason. It makes it real and allows another opportunity to grow.

Typically I would have a tendency to agonize over this posts, overthink and take forever to share, but this one I am sharing without self criticism or doubt, adding self reflection, love and a level of vulnerability to be real with you. Thanks for joining me on this journey.

We’d love to hear from you on your 30,000 foot view. What have you left uncelebrated this year? Tell us your #celebrationstories for 2019 here or on the gram. I’ts not too late. Create a journey you love to live. We’re here for that.

Until next time, much love, fashionistas and fashion fam!

XOXO Fashion Stoppe

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