How to Practice Self Care During COVID

As a current extrovert / someone who is inspired being in new environments / low key people watcher, we prefer to be out and about more days than not. Given the current climate [aka global pandemic] it has been critically important to stay home, limit social engagements and practice thoughtful social distancing. How is one to cope?

From one fashionista to another, whether you are an evening Reddit user or social butterfly to the stars, we wanted to share a few things to encourage our extroverted, introverted, bbs out there working it day by day!

Here are 3 strategies that help us, and we hope they can inspire you! Read on below:

More counseling. Yep, we went there! Normally we have a counseling session monthly on average, but now we have bumped that up to closer to 2 a month. It is like going to the gym, for your soul! If things like going to the doctor, getting our hair cut, or even washing our car routinely (oops, sorry car) are normal routines, why not therapy? I hope one day this is the norm for individuals and families.

Speaking of gym – (yes, you knew this was coming) right before Covid, we were on a roll going to hot yoges and loving/hating lyfe with ClassPass (why are side crunches so hard?) Now, we miss them desperately! Less movement plus more snacking has been – shall we say – a stretch to our mental health and sadly, jeans. More leggings have been bought than ever before! <In search of the perfect pair? We found some here!> Since working out is oh so needed for mental and physical well being – we have explored incorporating other ways to stay healthy, like outdoor yoga, smaller classes, and at home workouts. One podcast I listened to on building resiliency from Marie Forleo (omg, love her!) featured a guest that inspired consistent workouts, even for 5 minutes a day. Giving yourself permission to workout just 5 minutes is not only easier to commit to. Start small, bring that booty!

Social connection: Here’s where we get loopy. Normally self care for us includes spending time with friends, more out-and-about-ness, travel, so having to hit the brakes has been a bit of a buzzkill. But community is not dead! The key here is maintaining your social connections how you feel best, while respecting those in your circles (and community at large). Do you prefer routine zoom calls with your bestie? Porch hangs 8 feet apart? Facetime with the parentals? Texts only in gifs? There is no one foulproof solution here, fashionistas, so we’d love to hear from you in the comments, below! It can be especially challenging for those of us facing screen burnout. It can be tempting to go off the grid. I would encourage all of us (myself included) to keep up staying connected, even if it’s a Moira Rose gif snapchat on repeat. “It’s fruit wine, what’s not to liike?”

For now, we must go and practice some self care of our own. But we’ll be back to share more, and we hope you share with us what is helping you cope well! Lots of love, and remember, there is no one like you! <3


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