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Thoughts on Love

Today’s world is based so much on results, driven by productivity,  focused on success. Performing can wear me out. How many times I have put my worth in measurable, tangible results at work, relationships, other places I don’t know, but enough to make the Enemy sneer with glee. Now I’m onto him.

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On Dating – 17 Reasons to Swipe Left

As a hopeless romantic,  I can’t help but dream big and love Love! Sometimes a little too much for me (and my patient friends’) sake.  Nevertheless, if you have encountered a Not so Meetcute or first date gone Bamboozlingly Awry, well good news, me too! Here are a few encounters that may or may not be based on real experiences…

1. When someone says they really want you to
come over to meet their cat.

2. If they tell you they want a tattoo of the bad guys in
Lord of the Rings as a sleeve.

3. If they tell you they want their wedding ring to be The Ring
from LotR. After knowing them for a week. Regardless any length
of time, this is impending doom.

4. If they have the same name as a celebrity. Real or fictional.
[Trust me].

 5. When they have the same name as someone
you already dated.

6. When you are making an omelette for them, but they advise
you are doing it the wrong.

7. Their texts to you stroll in solely between the hours of 11pm-3amEST.

8. If they tell you they are actually in love with their ex girlfriend
casually whilst over sharing a full plate of tacos.

9. And then try and make out with you later…

10. If they say they want to be alone, and then you spot them
making out with someone else in da club…

11, When you turn up Beyonce to jam and they give you shade.

12. If you happen to love dancing, but they refuse to dance with you publicly!

13. If they remind you of the alleged gray hairs you have.
Which, obviously you don’t have any, never have not possible.

14. If you unexpectedly meet their parents on the first date. Surprise!

15. If they have selective hearing on things like your
horoscope, boundaries, anything really.

16. When they think your Tinder profile was fake, so they arrive
intoxicated with all their friends on your first meet,  but at least
you snagged a free drink out of it real quick before bidding adieu.

17. If they eat your leftovers. But you can eat theirs.


To be continued…


Thanks for stopping by, fashionistas! Are you out there in the dating world, or living your best lyfe? You go, Glen Coco! Way to be fabulous, brave, vulnerable and fierce-what a gift! In a committed relationship or marriage? I bet you have so many fun stories and adventures. Cheers to love, my loves! Until next time!

xoxo FashionStoppe

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5 Ways to be Snug and Stylish

5 Ways to be Snug and Stylish

Wondering how to express your personal style when in actuality, you have become one with a blanket? Good news, it’s totally doable. Check out a few of our favorite ways to put on your coziest armor to brave the cold while being your fabulous fashionista self!

Layer It.

Wear fun tights under your fave ripped jeans! I know what you’re thinking, really… tights? Yes, yes, tights. Pair a fun color with a looser fitting jean you adore. I like wearing whitewashed, loose boyfriend jeans with a fun flavor tight, like leopard print. Hot pink or yellow would be fun too. For extra heat, I add socks under heeled booties and my feet are cozy and ready for airtime!

Personal Flair.

The cutest knit hatThese special earmuffs. Fingerless gloves. Add a special pop to make yourself stand out, in the warmest possible way.

Mens Flannel.

Cozy, simple, adaptable – what’s not to love?   I discovered this shirt shopping for my brother and realized it was actually meant for me. Nothing against womens flannel, there’s something about the fit and cozy factor of menswear that just gets the job done.  [Future boyfriend, you have been warned!]

Side note: In a perfect world, all clothes would be tailored just for us. Instead, we live on earth, where most of the time, we find our clothes by labels and sizing.  What I love about fashion is the freedom and unique expression it ignites. Being put in a box by labels, norms, gender, expectations is not my idea of fun.  Up for a challenge? Shop somewhere that you normally wouldn’t. Try the opposite side of the store just to see what it’s like! You might even find a better deal.

Fashion is like a snowflake-full of unique possibilities. Be the snowflake! Or as Moira Rose would say, ‘Be the snowball!’

Boot Legged.

Rock some over the knee boots. My personal fave is gray or black. optional: wedge heel. Style plus extra warmth. You can go for fitted or looser, firmer fabric-we’re a form of the latter.

Day + Evening Coat:

a. Day Coat: Peacoat or fitted bubble coat! Rock a classic peacoat or bubble coat that you love day to day. Check out our color recommendations from our last post if you aren’t sure on colors.

b. Evening Coat: You can absolutely turn your peacoat into a night on the town coat. It’s all about how you style it. However, if you are looking for a different night look, go for a color you don’t normally wear, longer length and one that still shows your gorgeous figure. Some of our faves were coats found at consignment, vintage or used clothing stores.

Have a fave wintery chic go to? We’d love to hear! Let us know @fashionstoppe and tag us in your post!

As always, thanks for breezing by, fashionistas!
Until next time,
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5 Glam Ideas for NYE in 5 Minutes

Need a last minute look for the midnight ball? Look no further than your own closet. Here are 5 ideas to blend your current go-to’s and barely-worns into a unique ensemble for NYE 2018!

Pair shades of gray: Or as we like to say, charcoal. Grab a solid minidress, add shimmery tights and a dangly necklace. Dress up a solid color with several dashes of glow! Try black combat boots and or a leather jacket to take your edge up a level.

Velvet: Been dying to bring out that velvet ensemble from the back of your closet? Now you can! What better time to wear a wintery look than on New Year’s Eve.  Recommended: Jewel toned velvet paired with lighter jewelry to give you that pop.

Cute and Cuddly: Feeling more cozy-chic this year? Perfection. Throw on your fave go to jeans (the ones that make you do this) with a cashmere sweater. Preferably one with an open back, elbows, or cold shoulder. Add your fave ankle or high rise booties and you’re out the door (or ready by the fire!).

Strapless Mini + Oversize Jacket: Mix and match feminine and sexy with masculine and linear-a perfect yin and yang to kick off the new year. I love this combination because it connects with versatile moods and allows for diversity moment by moment throughout your night. Plus we know you have a cute mini feeling v neglected in your closet….

Black and Sexy: You can’t go wrong with an all black ensemble, especially with your dynamic spirit we know you have ready to celebrate 2018.  Add extra pizzazz to your hair or rock that bold red lip color as accessories. Wear a lower neckline or pair with lighter necklaces/jewelry to bring color near your face. Wondering what colors work best with your skin tone? Go here for ideas.

What NOT to wear: Anything that doesn’t make you feel like your best self. Obvi, but true. Rock your NYE outfit, fashionistas! Tag me at @fashionstoppe – I can’t wait to see it!

Thanks for stopping by! Find me on the instas at @fashionstoppe and share what you wear-would love to check out your fab look! XOXO

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Why Fear is the in Fashion and Life

When my photographer friend, Jason, said he was breezing through town and asked if I was free to meet up and shoot, I said oh em gee, YAS!  On our shoot, Jason asked me Continue reading


Thoughts on Identity


What lies about ourselves and our identity do we believe, and what truths does God want us to know? God does not believe in shame for us, but love. Maybe you are Continue reading