Menswear with a Twist

Ciao, friends & fashionistas!

First of all, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday season!

Second of all, let’s talk fashion and the process.

Prompted by recent events*, I am being encouraged to follow through on things I never have before.  For example, tonight I realized I have five unfinished drafts just waiting to be shared. *Face palm*.  I have advised many aspiring designers on visionary and creative movements, but only recently began sketching designs. I definitely haven’t mailed any Christmas cards yet and there is a mysterious pile of laundry in my room I should probably investigate. Whether it is a written draft or mental idea, self doubt or laziness, my trend is to begin in my element, quickly stop trusting my instincts at the first gust of self doubt, and subsequently, abandon all movement, casting it aside it like last season’s runway line. Time to leave this trend behind <boy, bye!> and embrace lasting style, for today and 2017.

What makes the creative process so dynamic for me are the experiences that inspire movement, life, and the elusive whisper of something unseen. What inspires you? I invite you to take a look at some of my fave looks from this shoot with Dinah. Below, observe several looks infused with varying prints and solids perfect for the modern workplace or out and about. Cropped tops, wide leg, contrasts, accompanied by a dash of eclectic, incorporate a structured masculine line with a softer, feminine twist to create an unusual blend of self expression, style and direction.  Both ready to wear and office artsy looks offer several shades of blue, peach, and earth tones.

I hope this inspires you to be bold this season and follow the unspoken voice that prompts you toward all you are meant to be because <you’re fabulous!> & all of the exciting things to come your way.

Thanks for stopping by, fashionistas! Cheers and until next time,  xoxo FS






*Why it takes tragedy to inspire movement, I am at a loss. Inspired by one of the dearest, colorful and most beautiful of souls, I gravitate toward fashion as a form of self expression, connection, forward change, new ideas, and more. My thoughts and prayers are with anyone experiencing a loss. If you’d like a specific prayer or encouragement, message me and I will reach you back! ❤ Love, FS



A Brooklyn Style Snapshot

Hello, Fashionistas!

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of falling in love-with Brooklyn! The borough’s artsy vibes mixed with wonderfully edgy fashion gave a new meaning to inspiration. –> Fun fact, did you know that the original meaning of ‘inspiration’ comes from the Latin, ‘inspirare’, literally, ‘to breathe into’, and figuratively, ‘inspire, excite’*? (Thank you, Professor Seiger!) Meaning, what if every breathe we took came infused with energy, life, spirit, colors, vibrancy? The catwalk would probably explode with excitement. I would probably explode with excitement. It would be worth it.

Back to Brooklyn! The Borough of Inspiration. I regret that I did not truly capture everything, but I invite you to browse some of the photos below. If you live in Brooklyn, you will probably wonder, where are the chic skinny black pants, loose but perfectly draped charcoal, white shirts, combat boots whose destiny is somehow both stealth seduction yet seamless, city street navigation? Not to mention the edgy couples who share each others’ skinny jeans and color boards, whitewashed jeans and fitted jackets, multi color patterns, hats hinting at a story, energy escaping the fabric, poise and color like a Mary Poppins meets Oscar de la Renta street painting, lights and smoke, endless cropped tops and basketed bicycles. I assure you, they exist! True Confession on the missing photos: I was too shy to ask enough people to take their photo.  I know!! The worst. I guarantee I stared at way too many people, hoping they would read my mind and strike a pose. It didn’t work. Sigh. Next time, I would ask 100 people.  Until then, hope you enjoy! 🙂

Thank you, Brooklyn, for keeping it 100! Until we meet again.

-xoxo Fashion Stoppe


Brooklyn Vibes. Photo Cred: J P NYC


Brooklyn Graffiti


A trendster seen near Washington Square Park, Manhattan. Isn’t she beautiful?!




Seen in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.



Absolutely loved their street style! Also, they were the sweetest.


Apparently, I love Brooklyn graffiti.


Exploring in Brooklyn.


Totoro, totoro! Fashionistas living that knitted life.


with Love from Brooklyn! xoxo

Thank you for reading! Find what inspires you, and remember, you are fabulous!

Cheers darlings,

❤ Fashion Stoppe

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*Regarding ‘inspiration’: My college voice teacher, Professor Seiger, shared the meaning with me! Here is a link with the skinny on inspiration 🙂

Notes: First and last photo cred: J P NYC. Others are original.