On personal style

Oh, hi! You look cute.

Yes, fashionista, you are rocking it today! And guess what – it is because you have a personal style and you are glowing u p.

I am currently wearing my yoga outfit with a jean jacket on top. Eclectic athleisure meets a random thing I found in the car. For the win! 

My point is – everyone has a unique look they are drawn to that feels like them. Maybe you haven’t discovered it yet, or you don’t even realize what layers you instinctively throw on or meticulously plan.  Clothes may even dance to find you (true story). Whether you have identified it or not, a personal flavor of self expression begins the moment you button up your day, crosstitch a scene change, iron your workflow or unzip the night.

Recently, someone described a thing I was wearing as ‘extra’. I spilled coffee all over my Vogue, practically.  It felt like someone saying my peanut butter sandwich with cheddar Herz chips I sometimes eat for lunch was bougjee. (Can anyone spell that yet?!) Or a fave jean jacket I can’t live without was bedazzled in fried oreo neon paint. It felt so central to me I couldn’t imagine not wearing it, and love that it feels like me. I don’t care what someone’s interpretation was-ooh wait, or do I? A flippant, nonmalicious comment struck a random nerve in my fashion soul.  Something on me was observed as unnecessary, seemingly high maintenance or undesirable. at least, that’s the story i made up in my head (here’s looking at you, Brene Brown).

The real story is it really doesn’t matter if I have a million followers on Instagram, or if I end up on the Worst Dressed list.  (How it hasn’t happened yet remains unclear-cue 90s leopard print pants meets neon blue sweater tank. Ahem. From another time. Moving on). I get dressed for me. I make choices for me! Ooh, fashion friends, it’s so invigorating and freeing. It’s beyond surface things, we all make personal choices every day central to our being. Not everyone is going to agree with them. And that’s a good thing.

I’m here to remind myself that personal style, freedom of expression and individuality is oh so ah may zing, and oh so are y o u.


Fashion Stoppe

Do you have a fashion story you’d like to share? Wondering how to define your personal style? We’d love to hear from you.

Photo from dueluxphoto.com

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