Easter Reflections by Design

Happy Easter, fashion fam! Today I’m going ‘offbook’ and wanted to share more about Easter and my experience, feelings and journey with this special holiday. I hope you and your loved ones are together today, whether you celebrate or not! You are all welcome here. šŸ™‚

When you get down to the meaning of the holiday, it can feel a little…heavy. Mayybe that’s why we invented peeps and easter eggs to distract ourselves from the real meaning. But the optimism in me doesn’t like that answer, or really believe it. Because those Russell Stover easter eggs aren’t going to eat themselves, people.

When I think of Easter, I initially feel a little uncomfortable. I am reminded of early mornings, outfits not necessarily chosen by me (I valued fashion independence early on, as my mom will confirm). I think of cold mornings going to church as a family except for my dad, who says he is an atheist (who may be more agnostic now). I remember the thrill of carrying a palm leaf to the front of church on Palm Sundays with my sister. But we loved waking up and seeing what the Easter Bunny brought us and delighted in the chocolate and easter egg hunts and funtivities our mom made so special for us. Then our whole immediate family would eat an Easter lunch/dinner with our formalwear and sometimes candles, and call all of our relatives.

When I get down to it, it has been an ongoing journey to learn about the meaning of Easter and who Jesus is through loved ones in my life in so many ways. It will continue my whole life because the story of Jesus’ love for us is that rich and it is a love that is so much bigger than us and not of this world. I learn through community, church and noticing the small but personal interactions God delights in having with me every day. God doesn’t stop loving me or gives up on me even if I’ve barely made it to church this year, forgotten to pray or have a dusty bible (is virtual dust on bible apps a thing?) To think that Jesus died for me on a cross, abandoned by friends, betrayed by one, feeling forsaken from God – it’s almost too much to comprehend. Why would he die for me? If I just open 1% of my heart and mind up to this idea, I picture myself holding out an outstretched hand facing up, and I see so much movement and color and nature taking place in response, that was always there waiting and is unshakable by my own feelings or choices.

Stepping into this unshakeable, unmovable, personal and colorful love is an overwhelming feeling. I see why it can be unsettling at first. I can shout ‘I’m loved!’ to the mountaintops and the plants and sound wavelengths will dance with me. It moves me to my very core. I wonder – am I worth it? Why? Can you dim my feelings just a littleee? Emotions are uncomfortable! But then it becomes…this is new. I am seen. I am loved and cherished! As someone I know would say, it’s like trying on a leather jacket when you are used to the comfy sweatshirt. and I remind myself that God can handle all of my emotions in whatever jacket or tee I am wearing. (Idea for the future: clothes that create themselves every day based on your mood). Stephen (my husband) is someone that does an amazing job of this every day and reflects God’s love in such a steadfast way. With Stephen I can wear any piece of clothing, and he always loves me, and he will always talk about looks and ideas with me (literally and figuratively). As you can see, I have had to put in the work to learn about real love (still am!). Knowing we are loved, cherished, valued is essential for our souls and wellbeing and time on this planet. It can change lives, restore hearts, sprout truth and dance away demons. I hope this post reminds you that you are loved by a King and his love is unshakable and free to you, because you are worth it.

This year a LOT has happened to mess with our psyche, emotional state, physical vibes (um hellooo endless snacks). Reflecting on the meaning of Easter is great for resetting our spiritual soul and getting to reconnect on our journey with God and all that he wants to show us. What is God showing you today?

Much love,

Fashion Stoppe

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