Fashion Distractions

It’s hard not to be distra-er excuse me. My phone buzzed.

As I was saying, so many selfies, so little time! Ahem. Where were we?

Something about staying focused-so much for wearing Warby Parker’s today! (kidding!) Back to business. Whether it is our expectations for ourselves and others, technological advances or a combination of completely unrelated reasons, the equation for distractions feels endless.

In 2015, we checked our phones over 80 times per day*.

When my Mom was in her twenties, she exchanged weekly letters with her mother, highlighting updates and news. Gradually, it increased to phone calls – because back then, a phone call usually meant bad news. Sometimes the weekly letter was too often-not enough news had happened. Eventually, a ring became the norm  – and fortunately the traditions of letter writing continued.

In life, in relationships, in fashion – how often does  lightning replace the elements that maintain the foundation of our lives? But without lightning, what will light up the runway? I believe a combination is essential to both growth and glamour, creativity and movement.

This is not a post intentionally about ethical fashion or the eco friendly movement. Unless that resonates with you. It’s about connecting to the heart of who you are and not getting distracted by the ups and downs and trends. Innovation, talent, passion, creation, these are all gifts and should be shared with the world and each other. Unnecessary changes, unsustainable fashion, compromising quality for quantity – so much lighting, your feet fry in a sea of platform heels, instead of smolder in a sultry black stiletto. So how do you navigate the clearance back room at Belk’s when boxes with redlines pile up around you, and strangers help you shop for the perfect work turned Friday night black wedge shoe on a whim? Cue stage left for trial and error, failure and defeat, tears and heartache, recovery and restoration and therein lies a sample sale of the journey to you and your next chapter and destiny! Fortunately life is so much juicer than a one way ticket to NYC. If I’ve learned anything from looking at my last six months to studying my role models, from Patty Apple to Tina Fey, not everything comes naturally,  your journey is unique, and often it starts at the bottom, whether it’s literally a basement call center or perhaps a 5am wake up call in the windy streets of Chicago. That’s what will give your collection, your runway walk, your joie de vivre it’s personal glow. Keep it up fashionista, you’re on your #glowup now!

On that note, here are some of my latest fave looks as we dance into the summer of storms, that resonate with my inner child and future fashionista, and are hopefully full of both phone calls and summer selfies.

spring fashion blog_27




* Article from the Times

** Photos from Erin Kelly Photography and featuring Jessie Rose Photography. Go check them out asap!!!

*** Styled by Fashion Stoppe

Much love fashionistas, until next time!

xoxo FS

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