Meet our Designers: Kitty and Rhodes

We know you are just as excited as we are for our first annual LAYERS Fashion Show 8.31.19 benefiting Layers of Dignity. To get ready for the show, we’d like to introduce you to an exclusive inside look to meet our talented designers. Below, meet Jasmine Tranai from Kitty and Rhodes and make sure you RSVP for the show! 🙂

Jasmine Tranai with Kitty and Rhodes: 67101477_1095568763976133_558512105448275968_n

Can you describe your brand in 3-5 words?

Statement Making, Compliment Grabbing, Girly

How did you get into designing?

It all started when I was young girl, creating clothes for my Barbie dolls out of fabric remnants I would find around the house and my trusty glue gun. I even went so far as to set up my Grandmother’s VHS recorder and conduct an 8 Barbie fashion show of all custom designs, complete with music, a crafted stage, and me as the host.  From then, I feel as though my path was set. Upon graduating from NC State with a B.S. in Fashion and Textiles Management, I began creating custom pieces in my small apartments, to participate in local fashion shows and to create looks for clients. Even though I was working two jobs just to get by, I would still take whatever extra money I would have to purchase fabric, just to keep creating. My mind is constantly thinking about dresses, and you will find me sketching either in my sketchbook or on the back of a napkin or receipt if that’s all I have near me at the time. 

67365529_10219811617227947_1461930777917784064_nI started this brand back in late 2013 when I had first graduated from my undergrad program at North Carolina State University. I had originally attended school to become a doctor but ended up switching my major from Human Biology at the start of my junior year, to Fashion and Textiles Management because I just could not escape my love and passion for the fashion industry. 

What inspires you? 

Everything. Music, current trends, fabrics, people and their personas, and even nature. Anything can be made into fashion!

How has your career impacted your life personally?

I went back to school to receive a master’s in business administration with a marketing concentration, and from there, my business elevated. The website was devised, I became more engaged on the social media platforms, and my clientele grew. I have now done shows up and down the East Coast, including creating custom pieces for a celebrity eyewear designer for his recent NYFW show.  I love what I do. I ended up landing a job in the corporate field for a fashion retail company, Global Brands Group, as a Design Operations Tech (creating CADs, Line-boards, Tech Packs, etc. for noted brands), which has also helped me with further elevating my brand, with the experience that it has given me. 

What’s your favorite new look you are featuring at the show? 

Hmmm, I am one of those last-minute trick designers, where I won’t design my finale piece until about a week before the show. But I do plan to show a ballroom gown of my aesthetic.

What’s a fun silly fact about you that you’d like to share? 

I think my top two would be that I am a terrible cook and I super afraid of praying mantis bugs!

67308347_10219811615027892_7390388043414241280_nWhat advice would you give to aspiring designers/creatives/entrepreneurs? 

I would advise upcoming designers to stay consistent and don’t be afraid to ask for help or mentoring! I always wished that I had a mentor in fashion on this journey to help teach me the ins and out of the business, but it may be coming along later in my journey. But if you work hard, stay true to your brand, and continue learning to perfect your craft, doors will begin to open up and you will be so prepared that you won’t even realize that you’re already in the room.

Anything else you would like readers to know?

I am excited to be a part of this show and really looking forward to coming back to Raleigh with my brand! : ) I love Raleigh! Go Pack!

Thanks Jasmine for being a part of our show. We can’t wait to see your looks on the runway. 🙂

To stay up to date with Jasmine, connect with her on Facebook KittyandRhodes and Insta @KittyandRhodes or @JasmineTranai 

Shop your favorite Kitty and Rhodes looks from the runway at after the LAYERS Fashion Show





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