Meet our Designers: Aliyah Designs

Wow can you believe it has been almost two months since our first annual LAYERS Fashion Show 8.31.19 benefiting Layers of Dignity?! Thank you all for being a part of this epic event. We are so thankful and also still coming out of the fashion show coma…just in time for fall! Make sure you follow us on Insta to catch sneak peeks as we continue posting content. In the meantime, we’d like to introduce you Avae Liyah from Aliyah Designs, one of our featured designers from the show! Avae is already making moves so make sure you follow her to see what she is up to next. Cheers 🙂 

Meet Avae Liyah: 

Can you describe your brand in 3-5 words?

Chic. Sassy. Tasteful. 

How did you get into designing?

Originally, I was really into art such as drawing and painting, so I took art classes throughout middle school and high school.  However, once it came down to what I wanted to major in when I got to college, I was really conflicted because I knew I liked art, but I knew I wanted something that would challenge me more creatively.  So I attended both an art camp and textiles camp. Ultimately, I discovered I had more of a passion for the creative fashion world than the drawing or painting world.On the Job

What inspires you? 

If I had to say what inspired me, I would say my peers.  My peers are what motivate me to do my best and step out of my comfort zone when creating new designs.  All in all, my peers inspire me to grow creatively and strive for greatness.

How has your career impacted your life personally?

My career has greatly impacted my life personally due to all the doors it has and will open up for me in the future. I am known as the creative/artistic one in my family, so whenever someone needs help in that area, they always ask for my assistance, which makes me feel great because I am able to use my creative talents to help/benefit others.

What’s your favorite new look you are featuring at the show? Sydnie.jpeg

My favorite look that I am featuring at the show is the one titled “Spirit.” It is a black top with a blush off the shoulder look. The skirt is what makes this look my favorite, it has a blush under skirt, and a black garment piece with a front downward zipper to go on top of the blush skirt.

Model Pictured Right: Sydni Thornton  Photographed by: Amy Lima Photography

What’s a fun silly fact about you that you’d like to share? 

I have a YouTube channel that I occasionally post random vlogs on! I’m not the best with consistently posting, but I plan to keep up with my channel, so that I can have a steady audience.

What advice would you give to aspiring designers/creatives/entrepreneurs? 

To any aspiring designers, I would say not to be afraid to make anything you envisionbecause fashion is all about interpretation just like art.  It is important to have your own signature style and to do that, you need to let all of your creativity flow out until you are satisfied and proud of your final outcome.

Anything else you want to share?

I would like to study abroad in Italy this upcoming spring 2020 semester to further my knowledge on fashion and improve my overall skills.  I am hoping this trip will open many doors for me and hope to have an amazing overall experience that I’ll be able to look back on. I actually have a GoFundMe to help me get to study abroad, so if you would like to support, here’s the link

Thanks for sharing your talent with us and we can’t wait to see what happens for you next!

Stay connected with Avae on Insta at @AvaeLiyah and see what she is up to next! Be sure to view Avae’s custom creations here.

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