Thoughts on Love

Today’s world is based so much on results, driven by productivity,  focused on success. Performing can wear me out. How many times I have put my worth in measurable, tangible results at work, relationships, other places I don’t know, but enough to make the Enemy sneer with glee. Now I’m onto him.

What if today could just be about today. No results, no goals, no deadlines, other than falling into the sweet embrace of Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit. I totally get confused on which to write first, or who when, but I think they understand. A moment to reconnect. Have you ever felt trapped? From time to time I feel stuck in emotional glue merged with heartache quicksand + mental needles. But what if my only ‘job’ in this moment is to fall into a sweet love unlike anything other than we have on earth? A love so great our brains aren’t capable of understanding 99% of the time. A  love so powerful it breaks all chains, knows no bounds, heals all wounds, loves so freely, deeply, passionately, creatively, uniquely, colorfully, energetically and unassumingly. It’s a gamechanger.

Psalm 62:5-8

1 John 1:7-21

Psalm 116:7

Thanks for breezing by, fashionistas! I hope this dose of #realness encouraged you. Did anything inspire you this week? We’d love to hear it.

Until next time,

xoxo FS


Photo by Erin Kelly Photography

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