17 Reasons to Swipe Left

As a hopeless romantic,  I can’t help but dream big and love Love! Sometimes a little too much (and for my patient friends’ sake).  Nevertheless, if you have encountered a Not so Meetcute or first date gone Bamboozlingly Awry, well you aren’t alone.

Here are a few encounters that may or may not be based on real experiences…

1. When someone says they really want you to
come over to meet their cat.

2. If they tell you they want a tattoo of the bad guys in
Lord of the Rings as a sleeve.

3. If they tell you they want their wedding ring to be The Ring
from LotR. After knowing them for a week. Regardless any length
of time, this is impending doom.

4. If they have the same name as a celebrity. Real or fictional.
[Trust me].

 5. When they have the same name as someone
you already dated.

6. When you are making an omelette for them, but they advise
you are in fact doing it the wrong.

7. Their texts to you stroll in solely between the hours of 11pm-3amEST.

8. If they tell you they are actually in love with their ex girlfriend
casually, whilst over sharing a full plate of tacos.

9. And then try and make out with you later…

10. If they say they want to be alone, and then you spot them
making out with someone else in da club…

11, When you turn up Beyonce to jam and they give you shade.

12. If you happen to love dancing, but they refuse to dance with you publicly!

13. If they remind you of the alleged gray hairs you have.
Which, obviously you don’t have any, never have not possible.

14. If you unexpectedly meet their parents on the first date. Surprise!

15. If they have selective hearing on things like your
horoscope, boundaries, anything really.

16. When they think your Tinder profile was fake, so they arrive
intoxicated with all their friends on your first meet,  but at least
you snagged a free drink out of it before bidding adieu.

17. If they eat your leftovers. But you can eat theirs.


To be continued…


However you are living your best lyfe currently, 1) you are slaying and 2) whatever your status is, you are amazing. Until next time.

xoxo FashionStoppe

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