Why Fear is the Worst.com in Fashion and Life

When my photographer friend, Jason, said he was breezing through town and asked if I was free to meet up and shoot, I said oh em gee, YAS!  On our shoot, Jason asked me insightful questions, shared encouragement and left me feeling inspired with a renewed dash of reflection.

One thing we talked about was fear. The invisible, universal chain that freezes dreams faster than a broken stiletto in a catwalk debut.

When was the last time someone asked you what are you really afraid of? Maybe it’s traveling to a new country, or saying hi to your cute crush. Maybe it’s having a tough conversation or taking a coding class you simply can’t ignore!  Or not being afraid to sneeze in public.

I’m afraid of failing. Rejection. Making mistakes. Being catastrophically embarrassed. Going all day with no one telling me there’s spinach in my teeth. FOMO^2. Not living my best life. Losing another loved one. Not pursuing things  I love.

All of these fears just hold me back.

Three close friends just last week  asked me what holds me back, what am I really afraid of? Those are some stellar people who challenge me and know me. Keep asking me hard questions! What questions do people ask you? Want to share? I’d love to hear!!

In the meantime, here is a sneak peek of last week’s shoot! Cheers, fashionistas! xoxo FS

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